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, waited until she was 24, and really figured out what she wanted to do. went off to uc berkley graduated from straight a's and proved that, you know, you could benefit enormously. but there is, for a lot of students, west point is vi, trade schools are much better deal and we're seeing a new world of online education that is less expensive and maybe the right choice for young people. >> brenda: a lot of people think that a liberal arts degree is worth something, teaches you to speak, to write to think. >> when i talk to people in the technology industry, that's key. the pew center did a report on economic mobility, off the census 2010 and applied it towards this recession and clearly, the people who had graduate degrees, excuse me college degrees did substantially better than people who did not have degrees. >> gary b, you've paid a lot of college bills. >> yes, i did. i tell you what, brenda, i think for the vast majority of people, the college degree is not worth it. look, 40% of the undergrads don't graduate in six years. we have undergrad degrees with bar tenders or taxi drivers. we
they feel like they need the money in people's up they're last. hootie uc charging and not? >> check this out. you're going to love this. national chains, it appears that the national chains are not going to be allowed to charge this feat. here's why. there is language in the settlement as says that if you charge the fee in one state you have to in every state. because national chains also did business in the ten states where the fee is a legal then they cannot choose to charge a fee in georgia because they can charge a fee in california. looks like the national change will even be a line up to fallout. it is going to come as you said, fall right smack down on the shoulders of the mom-and-pop stores and local chains commandos of the folks that we do business with, not because the prices, but we like them. they have a choice. the 110 as with an additional 1-4% of the product, it looks like it will be allowed. melissa: american express not part of the settlement. that was a good tip. braniff time. thank you for coming on. we appreciate the information. melissa: thanks. melissa: will yo
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. that is a bad deal. the uc anything that you like? >> well, there are good things. we can quit talking about the temporary busax cuts. this means that we are talking about the obama tax code. president obama of this tax cut right now. this is all his. for now on, good or bad, he lows with the results of this. gerri: you are so knowledgeable. thank you for helping is out. it is a huge bill. of course, the president will be signing it soon. thank you for your time. >> you bet. gerri: washington's last-minute deal to avert a monster they created has left neither side coming victory, everybody seems to be mad. now moody's is warning, their compromise does not go far ough to protect our country's aaa rating and is urging congress to do more. with more on this, democratic strategist, diector of communications for american crossroads and ed rollins, republican strategist and fox news contributor. i'm going to start with you. you have the most experience with these kinds of things. moody's has already saying, ready warni, already sending a blank saying we're not where we need to be. what do you make
donations from the general public. all of the work that uc, the writing is done by the volunteer community. john: how can you know who is good and who is stupid? >> you know, if nothing is one thing and always try to remind people is that we don't consider it would appeal to be some kind of wide open former you can come and say and do anything. people will very quickly challenging. we have some of the best and most interesting discussions you can find anywhere. let's actually find what's true, which sources to rely on the most. it's a fascinating process. john: and it's pretty accurate. my site only has one mistake. comparing the accuracy of scientific articles verses encyclopedia britannica. panicle -- panels of experts and the appropriate specialty founder of course harry errors per injury, three in britannica, not much difference. >> not much difference, and that was several years ago. for me one of the most amusing parts, when the study was being carried out, as soon as it was published some people in the community came to me and said, can you get from the author the li
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Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)